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New Rounds.

The next 2 people to volunteer by commenting on this post shall be the next hosts.

Thanks to our previous hosts: 1x2foralways and likescarecrows.

I've been noticing that things have been getting a bit quiet around here and I'd hate for this community to die so please feel free to pimp this community as much as possible. It's more fun the more people we have taking part.
Also, if you have any suggestions for the comm please leave me a comment here. It's currently only me running things and I'm not always the most imaginative, so if you have any ideas that you think would improve things or make them more fun let me know!
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Hello hello! I'm your second host, this week.

I've got 3943 songs to pick from, so go crazy! The tracks range in length from four seconds to two hours, so if you'd rather not pick an obscenely long track, please tell me, and I'll tell you if you do.

If you're not happy with what you got, please, request another!
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hello again, I'm your other host this week. I currently have 6,021 songs.

all files are mp3 or m4a, and I use yousendit.

pick as many as you'd like. my will to upload knows no bounds!
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I have 21482 songs.

"Its a lot of punk and ska and some show tunes or whatever"

(actually its a lot of alternative, underground hiphop, indie, prog rock, ska(all waves), and spanish stuff)

I'll be using yousendit, the files are mostly mp3, some ACC: no wav or wma.

pick 900.

EDIT this is going to take all week as all the music is on a 400mhz computer (and you try uploading and messing with itunes on an old g4!)
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Hi there!

I'm the second host for this week. I have 1471 songs, and they're all in either mp3 or m4a format. Feel free to pick more than one. I'll be using yousendit or sendspace, so let me know if you can't download from either of those places.
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