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musical_lottery's Journal

Pick a Number, Any Number
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Lets play a game...


1. Every week, two hosts will be chosen randomly from a list of voluteers. These hosts then make up a playlist of all their music, and randomises it so every track is assigned a random number. Come Sunday/Monday the hosts then make a friend locked post here announcing their hosting duties, and giving the community the range of numbers available. The rest of the community then has one week to pick a number, and the hosts have a month from the date of their post to upload the song (using YouSendit/Sendspace/Rapidshare etc) corresponding to that number and post a link in the comments.

2. Everyone has to host a game at least once a year. The host will be chosen from volunteers, but if you dont volunteer within a reasonable timeframe or otherwise contribute to the community in a significant way, you will be asked to leave. It really isnt a lot to ask - just once a year.

3. You takes your chances and you takes what you get. If you dont like what you draw, well thats pretty much tough. Don't whinge, whine, or make a scene. Theres always the next round, after all.

4. Be polite. Say please, and thank you, just like your mummy taught you to. A little politeness goes a long way.

5. If you volunteer to host a round, please make sure you have enough time to answer all requests - if something comes up and you can't finish, at least post letting people know. Its only polite.

6. When uploading requests, include relevant warnings (language, disturbing themes etc) where relevant. If the requested file is in a format other than MP3, please let the requestee know and offer to either convert it or let them pick another number if the format is unworkable for them.

7. Please dont clutter up the entries with totally unrelated stuff. Use your common sense - you know what kind of things belong here, and what don't. Discussion of the songs that come up is more than welcome in the comments, but a post about how well your dog is doing after seeing the vet is not so welcome.

8. All hosting posts should be friends only, to prevent widescale leeching. My first hosting post will remain unlocked so people get an idea of how the game is played.

9. One request per round unless the the host opens it up for seconds. Also on the topic of greed, try and let the person who requested an upload have first stab at it. Since everyone should be saying thank you, it shouldn't be hard to see when the requestee has got their song. If there's something you really wanted from someone else's request that gets tapped out, ask the host very nicely if they can put it up again for you. Reposting is at the host's discretion.

10. Any and all sound files of a reasonable length are welcome to be included. Sound effects are a bit of a ripoff, but interviews, comedy shows or stories read aloud are all welcome as well as any kind of music you like. The more variety, the better. If you would prefer to receive music only, please state this in your request comment.

This is a formalised version of a meme that was going around Livejournal, so I dont take credit for the idea in any way. I just enjoyed playing it so much, I thought I'd see if I could expand it and keep it going.

If you dont know how YouSendIt works, scoot on over to http://www.yousendit.com and have a look. Its amazingly easy.

Are you in? Want to volunteer to host a round? Just leave a comment here and your name goes in the draw.

DISCLAIMER : What you do with the music you collect here is your own responsiblity, not ours. Please dont get me sued or the journal removed. That would be uncool.